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24 & 25 september 2022

Together we bring motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Europe. Rotterdam Dirtride is a fun, accessible, action packed two-day motorcycle and family event with gentlemanly races, vintage cross and classic rides!'


Run what you bring. It’s a combination of fun and dirt; all weekend long!


Race your opponents around an unpaved oval track


super73 silent cup

Are you done riding a bike on the boring Dutch streets? Ride the ebike from super73 offroad on the Rotterdam DirtRide



Drive inn movienight by Arne Toone

king of the strip

2 riders, 50 meters only 1 winner.


Try and test your favourite bikes during a City Rideout

THE Village

A place to meet and connect…. where stories are told and bonds are created. The Village is a showcase for cutting-edge brands and a gathering place for riders, curious visitors and the media.

fun games

Dodgeball, moto polo, balancing games
and many more


Sunday morning champagne breakfast on the track, something you don’t wanna miss (riders only)

kids cross

Let your kid(s) experience a safe and friendly offroad motorcycle adventure! Childeren under the age of 12 can enter the festival terrain for free.


experience the best food and drinks in the festival village. From special beers to great food!


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